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Get the real industry picture in real time, with up-to- minute coverage, personalised alerts, offline reading and full access to all MCL News & Media content from four leading textile magazines and six daily news websites combined in one mobile app – for the cost of just one subscription.

Quality news journalism starts here. We don't aggregate third-party content or regurgitate PR. Our news and in-depth reporting is exclusive, independent and written by the textile industry’s most experienced team of in-house journalists and international correspondents.

Our new app delivers influential content to you under five information channels with exclusive news and views from our portfolio of leading, trusted and established brands.

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Subscribers to our premium Subscription + and Footprint + packages to any of our products will have full access to all content across all MCL News publications including digitised magazine back issues.

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Users can also tailor news content to their own taste and develop a bespoke news service with the content that matters most to you. You can expect a content rich experience with videos and podcasts from leading industry figures.

Existing subscribers simply sign in once on their mobile device to keep in touch with key industry developments as they happen – wherever you are.

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