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As the leading B2B publisher of environmental information for the global textile and apparel industries, MCL News & Media (MCL) fully understands its serious obligation to conduct business in a manner that minimises the impact of our operations on the environment.

Offices & employees

We raise employee environmental awareness and encourage action in the workplace and at home. In our daily operations, we minimise raw material use, waste and emissions through careful design, contract specification and process control. We assess our suppliers’ environmental performance before we engage in any contract.

MCL monitors and minimises its energy consumption. We have installed a 7.28 KWp, 28 panel solar system with an estimated annual generation of 5,846 kWh. We work with the award winning UK company ‘Good Energy’ to reduce our energy use. Good Energy generates and purchases renewable electricity, and supplies electricity and gas to homes and businesses throughout the UK.

All external office walls have been double insulated and skimmed and our roof space has been double insulated with space blanket technology to increase energy efficiencies. Our office lighting has been converted to LED and existing office windows have been replaced with A+ rated energy efficiency. We have a power point for an electric vehicle, which is directly connected to our solar panel network.

Carpet floor tiles are second-hand Interface recycled nylon products and all our office furniture has either been upcycled or recycled.

All company vehicles are hybrid models, which can be charged up on MCL News & Media premises via our solar panel network.


All our publications are printed on FSC certified REVIVE recycled MIX paper stock that is fully traceable and is responsibly sourced. We also have a policy of offering electronic versions of all our products through various subscription options.

We assess the environmental credentials of all our advertising clients before we accept advertising bookings. In certain instances we have reserved the right to decline advertising based on a company’s environmental performance or objectives.


MCL News & Media only partners with organisations that have a clear environmental policy and have evidence of this policy being effectively implemented.

European Outdoor Conservation Association

MCL News & Media is proud to be a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). EOCA is a not-for-profit organisation funded by a group of businesses involved in the European outdoor industry, which raises funds to put directly into grassroots conservation projects worldwide. In its first 8 years of existence, EOCA has supported 64 projects to the tune of over €1.54 million.

We have also funded the work of Oceanwise which is leading research on microfibre pollution in marine environments.

In the interests of further transparency, MCL also allows certain organisations to advertise gratis in our publications when space permits. This includes Canopy – an NGO that works to protects endangered forests and local communities along with the biodiversity associated with these regions.


MCL News & Media shares the responsibility for environmental management with all its employees who all have a responsibility to continually improve our environmental performance and we periodically review our policy to improve how we operate.

Dated: 29th October 2015.