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Since 2004 our goal has been to inspire, inform and engage industry leaders to drive forward environmental innovation and social change through high quality editorial in a bid to ensure a healthier planet for everyone.

How we work: We get things done by being informative, responsible, collaborative and fair.

Brand values: We’re known for being authentic, influential, objective and sustainable.

How we communicate: intelligent, original, innovative, friendly and truly global.

Goal: We aim to inspire industry leaders to act more responsibly and to build profitable, innovative, responsible businesses to create a healthy textile industry and a healthier planet for everyone.

We operate with integrity, honesty and intelligence to motivate key industry stakeholders to make a positive difference to global supply chains through new sustainable, innovative and creative content on a variety of platforms.

Editorial excellence is at the heart of our business and with sustainability as our core value, we are the only textile publisher that has its own environmental policy.

We provide innovative industry resources to achieve these goals, including printed magazines, online content, reports, mobile news apps and live events.

Our flagship publications report on environmental issues, social compliance and innovation in the textiles and nonwovens industries, which helps to shape our holistic, sustainable vision for business in terms of a mutual balance between profit, people and most of all our planet.

If you share our values, contact us to discover refreshing new content that will also help you to accelerate change in our industry.